AF (Allied Fidelity) Management Consulting has been involved in global business management for well over two decades. We provide business process improvement consulting for established clients worldwide with offices in the US (NY and Atlanta) and in the UK.

We have been engaged in consulting projects for well-known household brands including fortune 500 companies in the USA and major corporations in Europe. A full list of our clientele can be found in a separate section on our site. Responsibilities and tasks included configuration of software, training teams and managing projects to assist in optimal business performance.

AFMANCON has recently focused on specialized areas in the US market and is now developing solutions for the transportation industry. We are leading the field in assisting transportation companies to become more structured, streamlined, controlled and most importantly, successful businesses. Our current customers are examples of how well and fast a business can penetrate and gain recognition in a fairly well established market with our help by simply using the right strategies and techniques. The secret to this formula, in fact, is not to keep it a secret at all, but to share it with others, in turn, multiplying the achievements and creating a beneficial outcome for all involved.

Over the next few months AFMANCON will release a number of products and services that will not only feature competitive solutions, but will also introduce entirely new concepts to businesses and consumers. Our number one goal and objective is to assist and provide affordable tools and opportunities for all players in this market to become more successful in what they are doing. In turn, this will help create an industry renowned for its integrity, service quality, and reliability. We absolutely believe in free enterprise. We have seen that diversity and competition brings not only better products and services to consumers, but a greater sense of satisfaction among clientele.

Our consulting services are available to all. Company size is not a concern. We do not view competition as a threat, but rather an incentive to strive for perfection and to continue doing what we do best.

So if your business is having difficulties and you are worried about its survival, or if you want to achieve more and beat the competition, please contact us.


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